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3-6-9 PULLED PORK OR CRISPY CHICKEN TACOS - Served with Salsa and Sour Cream                

Taco Board Soft taco shells, beef, chicken or pork, lettuce, tomato cheese, sour cream.                                3 for 13,  6 for 20, or 9 for 25  



A bag of Doritos or Frito chips topped with fresh seasoned beef, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes finished off with sour cream.


CONEY DOGS 10 - Topped with a thick stripe of mustard and vidalia onions                                

TWO delicious Local Brenner's hot dogs on a Steimar bun, smothered in Housemade Detroit Style Chili. 


HOUSE CUT FRIES 5 - Regular Basket                                                               Upgrade to Coney Loaded Fries - 3

Hand cut russet potatoes fried to perfection and salted.                       ADD SEASONING: Cheddar, Dill Pickle, All Dressed, Sriracha, Lemon Pepper - 1


THE ULTIMATE PULLED PORK POUTINE 12.99 - #ComfortFood                        Regular House Poutine - 8

This takes our house fries to the next level with cheese curds and gravy. Looks like organized chaos, tastes delicious, and hits all markers.

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