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We’re all facing unique challenges right now, and for the service industry, the stakes are particularly high. Turns out that Barbers & Bartenders aren’t an essential service.  We get it.  We all have a part to play.  Most likely everyone's hair’s getting pretty long.   Also turns out, the Barbershop Bar isn't eligible for the small business loans we keep hearing about.   


To anyone who donates, your purchase will support the team at the Barbershop Bar in keeping us alive AND providing reduced and/or complementary services to frontliners when we're able to re-open our doors.  To be honest, we're not really sure just how much this might raise, but it's worth a shot.

#CutforCOVID Fundraising for our Frontliners

  • It’s a scary, strange and anxiety-producing time in the world right now. The need for community and support has never been stronger.  So thank you in advance for this thoughtful gift. 

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