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Barber apprentice

Meet Jonatan, the latest maverick to join our team of barbers. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Jonatan breaks down barriers, connecting with clients across cultures to craft the perfect look. His chair is more than a spot for a haircut; it's where art meets individuality. Get ready to experience a cut above the rest with Jonatan, where every snip and shave is a stroke of rebellion against the mundane.
Book with JONATAN or Call 519-968-1944

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V I C 


Meet Vic aka Vicky, a barber with over 8 years of experience, specializing in straight razor shaves, beard trims, threading, and a variety of styles. He speaks Punjabi, Hindi, English, and brings precision and passion to every cut, blending classic techniques with modern flair. For a sharp, old-school barbering experience that feels like a masterclass, book with Vic and step out with a look as sharp as his skills.

Book with VIC (Vicky)  Or Call 519-968-1944 



Barber / Loctician

Luci Kaye is an import from Winnipeg. Having settled in Windsor for Warmer winters and to finish raising her two kids, she now wrangles hair and isn’t slowing down. Luci is not only a licensed hairstylist after graduating from St Clair College, but also a certified loctician and specializes in straight hair/ crochet-style Dreadlocks. She also enjoys doing edgy and alternative haircuts, as well as fashion colours. Luci is not a morning person. Plan for afternoon or evening appointments. She is also a proud ally to the LGBTQ2S+ community and a champion of people in recovery. Feel free to tell her about your dog.   
Book with LUCI or Call 519-968-1944

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Barber / Colourist

Tracey is an experienced barber and hairstylist who brings over two decades of expertise in hair.  She listens intently and enjoys getting to know her clients personally, which helps her ensure that each one receives the exact look they desire.  Her dedication to her craft and her ability to create a welcoming atmosphere for clients of all backgrounds aligns perfectly with our inclusive ethos of The Barbershop. 
Book with TRACEY or Call 519-968-1944



Barber / Bartender

If you are looking for a relaxing and unrushed classic grooming experience, you've got to stop in and see Anna. 
Anna pampers each and every one of her guests with a soothing hot-towel scalp and neck massage, providing the ultimate relaxation before you leave. When it comes to a tranquil and unhurried classic grooming experience, Anna is your go-to expert.
Book with ANNA or Call 519-968-1944

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Apprentice Barber  / Bartender

James is apprenticing and developing his skills.  Striving to master the classic grooming services and traditional techniques. He's focusing on tapper cuts, skin and bald fades and line ups.   He's slowly growing out his skills. Currently he works limited hours with one or two cuts a day.  He's got a full time day job and this is his side hustle.  Literally.  If you open to an apprentice who's learning and developing, and giving him a chance, book with James. 

Book with James  Or Call 519-968-1944 

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As a Local Small Business, We Thank you for choosing The Barbershop Bar for your Grooming needs. 
Our mission is to provide exemplary grooming services in a welcoming environment that reflects the best of traditional barbershop culture. We are committed to crafting personalized experiences that celebrate individual style while promoting a sense of community.  Your feedback is invaluable in helping us maintain and improve our standards. Please take a moment to share your thoughts with us. 

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