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Crown Jewels

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MAy 24th @ 8:30 PM - 2587 Howard Ave Windsor, The Barbershop Bar $10.00
Tickets: $10.00 in Advance, $15.00 at the Door

Prepare to Sashay into the Regal Realm of Glamour and Sass 

A Royal Affair II

Crown Jewels: Windsor’s Drag Showcase


Watch as the illustrious Koko Starr orchestrates an evening of opulence, accompanied by the enigmatic VENOM Queen and a spotlight performance from a mystery queen whose identity will dazzle and surprise.

Date: May 24

Doors Open: 8:30 PM
Tickets: $10.00 in Advance, $15.00 at the Door

Enter our domain where the crowns are sparkly, the gowns are extravagant, and the performances are nothing short of royal. Experience a night of breathtaking acts, each queen vying to outshine the other in a spectacle of glamour and charisma.


Step into our palace of chic where laughter reigns supreme and surprises await at every turn. From jaw-dropping performances to sublime showmanship, prepare for a night where drag royalty rules with a velvet glove.


Don’t miss this royal runway where charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent come together to celebrate the art of drag.  


Don’t miss this chance to see drag nobility in action, where elegance meets electrifying stage presence. 


Follow the drama and elegance on social media with our Royal Hostess and Queens: @kokostarrqueen, @venomqueen, and our mystery guest!

Tell your squad, spread the word, and let's make "Windsor's Crown Jewels: A Windsor Drag Royal Affair" the ultimate royal rendezvous!


Don't forget to use

Use hashtags #CrownJewelsWindsor #Queen #DragRoyalty #DragDanceParty #RoyalRunway #MysteryQueen #WhoWillItBe

to share your experience and stay connected to the Buzz.


#ARoyalAffair #Spotlight #VenomQueen and your Hostess #KokoStarrQueen

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